April 28, 2010

In Testing: The City Mate!

So the adorable EnvironMate grocery bags are a super hit (and super cute, I might add!!), but my customers in New York have pointed out that they do NOT put bags of groceries into their carts, and then wheel them out to their car.  They WALK.  See how much I pay attention to the world outside my backyard?! Gheesh!

Speaking of my backyard, here is my attempting a self portrait to get a good pic of this bag.  I just realized I was wearing my Hawaii Hello Kitty T that my Grammy just brought me from her cruise.  More on that later!

My lovely mom has made me this sample of The City Mate, which is basically an over sized version of The EnvironMate, meant for a few days worth of grocery shopping on foot.  Still lined with plastic to catch up the spills, and still adorable (pictured here in IKEA fabric).  I took it to the mall the other day as my shopping bag, and it was a hit there, too!  Hm, lined with plastic, oversized - beach bag?  Swim bag? Picnic bag?! Endless uses!  (PS - that was a shameless plug for an item I don't even sell yet.  Go me.)

I'm thinking of changing the dimensions up a bit (it's currently square, which makes it a bit long) to make it more comfortable when its weighted down pretty well.  I will absolutely be throwing boxed wine, a blanket, and some snacks and heading over to the park for a picnic this summer.  Hopefully the R&D will be done on this sucker soon, and it will be up on the website!


  1. Hey Lady!
    Consider some longer straps! I always try to put it over my shoulder and usally it's so packed, it barely fits!

    Just a thought! Looking forward to the new design, I will be buying some!


  2. love love love! that fabric is fab, dude. i agree with the longer strap suggestion bc i'm a serious heavy-packer... when i go to the store i ALWAYS buy more than i intend and end up with indentations in my shoulders... loving a little bit wider and longer strap. and it's lined in plastic?!? are you some kind of freaky genius!?!? i'm adoring that feature right now.

    ps: you are awesome