March 31, 2010

Where The Magic Happens

OK, its more like a MESS than any sort of magic. Mess and Stress! ;)

FINALLY finished the cover for my giant bulletin board. Cuz of course, if you can sew, you don't just drill cork-board to your wall. It MUST be covered, and it MUST be pretty. Found a tutorial here.

I took some plain canvassy stuff I found a JoAnn, and paired that with a big strip of Amy Butler's fabric from her LOVE line. Sewed it kinda quilt-style so I could add some stitching details, stapled it to a HUGE piece of pin-board (ordered from a local Denver shop that carries crap like that - Homosote works too), and drilled it haphazardly into the wall. Sy made fun of me cuz it is NOT level, but whenever I am in this room, I am drunk-ish, so like I will notice!!

Now all my orders are pinned up nicely and not buried under scraps. And my Knitting Is Sexy calendar was allowed to go up as long as I put up the Laker Girl Calender. Wait - I think I got spoofed on that deal. Huh.

Below are more pics of my cozy office, including the monster Juki, my 'big screen TV' that SATC is always playing on, and my crazy shelf full of inventory! Yes, that IS a Hooters mouse pad, and YES, it's anatomically correct, and YES, that makes it much more comfy than a regular mouse pad.

And, I am excited to say that I am only a few months away from moving that big Juki to the sewing shop so they can make the ENTIRE BAG! That will free up my evenings for more important things, like knitting and martinis!

Now, when I post that I have been drinking sewing my face off, you now know exactly where to imagine me passed-out working!!

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  1. Wait, I want a close up of the Hooters mouse pad!