August 3, 2009

The Baby Head

Now this is just down-right creepy.

So we have a gutter issue, where one of our downspouts is plugged, and water was spilling like Niagra over the side. Simon finally decides to teeter on the top rung of a ladder (with his pulled back, mind you) and reach around in there to see what he can find.

I'm holding the ladder, and he is reaching as FAR as he can on his tippy toes....feeling around in there....and says "Oh man, there is definitely something in here....what the...there's a BABY HEAD clogging our gutter!" And with that, this crazy baby head comes flying down from the top of the ladder and smashes into the ground with a sick THUD.

I'm dying of laughter, cuz first of all, its a DOLL head, but for some reason, Simon called it a Baby Head. I have dust all in my eyes from the dirt that flew off that thing, and can't see, trying to hold the ladder while he teeters back down, all the while jibbing "Baby Head! HA HA HA!"

Of course I had to take a picture of this creepy thing. I can just imagine some poor little girl who used to live here who's mean brother ripped that head off and threw it up there on the roof. We also found an old, broken Crayola marker, so who knows what the heck else is up there!

Lets just hope this Baby Head is happy to be rescued, and not going to CURSE us for removing it from its resting place. *shudder*

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