August 11, 2008

Photo Nerd

My BF makes fun of me every single time we go to his home town of Monte Vista cuz I take about 400 pictures of NOTHING while I am there. To him, its the most boring drive on the straightest stretch of road EVER. To me, it's one of natures BEST creations. Here are my favorite snapshots of the San Luis Valley. :)

The overcast skies made PERFECT lighting - the greens were so green, and the blues were so blue!

SLV is a deep, deep valley that has been filled in over centuries with sand and dirt. The water runs off the mountains that surround it, and literally bubbles right up through the soil, making it a PERFECT place for farming.

Because there are mountains on all sides, the clouds do some WEIRD STUFF down there. So pretty!!

I've always thought the irrigation systems for farming are amazing. Not to mention beautiful if you can catch them at the right angle!

Simon stopped for me (about a zillion times) on the bike trail at Lime Kiln so I could snap a photo. The one thing that this photo can't recreate is the absolute silence that was only broken by the click of my shutter.

Me and the beautiful llano behind me. The sky down here seems so BIG - there are NO buildings to block it out, so it feels like you can see forever. You can literally turn in a full circle and see mountains all the way around you.

This photo was taken right in the driveway of Simon's sisters house. It is my favorite view in all of the valley. Red farmhouse, wildflowers, the old tree. So cliche, but so inviting!

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