July 8, 2008

Sacks and the City

Well, here it is. My FIRST SHOP ORDER. WOO HOO! And, how am I feeling right now? OVERWHELMED! I need more fabric! More labels! More thread! MORE TIME! But it makes it all worth it to know that these fabulous little bags are headed to MANHATTAN!!!!

Cosmo, anyone? I am drinking EIGHT of them tonight to celebrate.

Bikram Yoga NYC somehow found me on Google (btw, I LOVE YOU GOOGLE), and LOVED my bags. I sent them a sample of a large and a small bag so they could check them out. They came back to me and said, "NY'ers have to carry everything around with them because they walk everywhere, so even your small bag is a bit big. Could you possibly make one a bit smaller?"

So my first custom order was born. 36 bags, dude. THIRTY SIX! They have 4 locations on Manhattan, and they will be splitting the bags up between the 4 shops. Yup, I am freaking out over here. So, they are all paid for, and sitting here next to me on my desk waiting to be shipped out on my lunch hour from work.

Wow. I mean, really. WOW. Imagine my cute little bags from the midwest strutting it up in NYC.

BTW, I WAS watching my Sex And The City disks while sewing these up to get in the mood! :)

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